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Reviews for Ivey Donald K. Johnson Centre
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Address: 130 King St W, Toronto, ON M5X 1K6, Canada
Phone: (416) 861-9600
Website: https://iveydonaldkjohnsoncentre.com/?utm_source=g
Florentino Felipe on 2020-02-20
 Clean venue and professional staff. Catered food provided as requested. Attached to a commercial building with various eateries, shops and businesses as expected within the financial district of Toronto.
Garth Ralph on 2019-12-31
 Excellent school for business
John Tziortzis on 2016-11-27
 Good central location for a gathering. Food was good.
Mario Di Cosmo on 2018-02-26
 Great event space for business meetings and learning opportunities. The staff are very professional and help make it a comfortable environment.
Darlene L-K on 2019-06-08
 Great place for the conference we attended.

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