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Address: 177 Toronto St N, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0, Canada
Phone: (519) 986-1969
Website: https://www.johnsonandschwass.ca/
Shawn Starr on 2019-04-17
 Very happy with the amazing service provided by Joanne. They worked with me through some tough times while I was admitted in the hospital to ensure all the paperwork got done on a timely manner. Very professional, highly recommend there services for anyone looking for a real estate lawyer!
Ron Semple on 2019-10-16
 Very smart lady lawer
Lisa Acheson on 2018-12-31
 Very friendly and helpful I would highly recommend.
Susan Robertson on 2017-12-27
 Friendly. Knowledgeable. Reasonable costs. Easy to find.
Scot Hughes on 2018-08-16

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