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Address: 376 Churchill Ave N #109, Ottawa, ON K1Z 5C3, Canada
Phone: (613) 680-8855
Website: http://www.johnstonfamilylaw.ca/
Gabriela van der Leeden on 2019-05-10
 This entire team is absolutely fantastic. They are completely devoted to their clients day in and day out. They truly hold your hand through the most frustrating family circumstances. I’ve worked mainly with Beverly, she is incredibly knowledgeable and fearless. Adrienne is also extremely diligent. They truly know how to represent you. Their whole team is always 100% present and helpful. I recommend this group for any family matter. They will not disappoint!
Luc van der Leeden on 2019-05-10
 I was referred to Johnston Family Law because I was looking for 'the best', and I really feel like they are. I had dealt with 2 other lawyers in town and always felt disappointed until I met the Johnston Family Law team. The've been compassionate to my situation, aggressive when necessary, and extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of Family Law.My lawyer Beverley Johnston was absolutely great in dealing with all my issues very quickly, advising me on steps to take (while being realistic about expectations), and helping me take charge of the process making me feel comfortable that my interests would be protected. One of the best things about the team is that when Beverley has to be in court or is busy, the other lawyers in the office (Adrienne Curran and Collin Fletcher) are able to take over or help and they're both equally as competent. The communication within their legal and support team was amazing so I never had to explain to other lawyers what was needed, when they had to deal with issues or delegate, everyone was aware which made it easy for me.I would very very highly recommend Johnston Family Law for anyone looking for great lawyers, competent and aggressive action (when needed), and honest and fast communication. They really are amazing.
Travis Gordon on 2019-06-21
 I just wanted to share my experience with team at Johnston Family Law. I worked with Adrienne, Collin, and Jayne, the lawyers are excellent and knowledgeable, and always responded promptly, and professionally. Their office staff is extremely organized and responsive. Thank you for your work during very stressful times!!!
Omar albert Livert on 2019-05-08
 Collin Fletcher, is a very good lawyer with great experience, I just wanna thank mrs Fletcher for getting me the best results of my family case matters, Collin Fletcher putts his client first and makes sure they get the best results possible.

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