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Address: 40 Eglinton Ave E #601, Toronto, ON M4P 3A2, Canada
Phone: (416) 840-0525
Website: http://www.kaminkerlaw.com/
Pete Solutions on 2020-01-31
 I had a pleasure to be represented by amazing attorney Ashley Fisch. I would highly recommend Ashley to everyone. She is dedicated, understanding, knowledgeable and successful in what she does. Please see attached photo of timeline from the beginning to end how I obtained permanent residence in Canada. Also I would greatly appreciate, should you decide to hire Ashley, please let her know about this posting and let her know she was recommended by Peter. Thank you
Piotr Kaczor on 2018-08-02
 I have had pleasure to meet amazing team of this particular immigration office. It was recommended to me by organization the 519 in Toronto. As my process isn’t finished yet I must say that I am privileged to be represented by Ashley Fish who has amazing paralegal Noemi; my opinion is regardless if the outcome. I just feel I met people who care and diligently work on my case and that is what matters to me the most. Also Ashley has always provided me with information about the city etc and if you would seek an attorney, Ashley is the person I would recommend in a heartbeat. I hope you find my review helpful :) cheers and good luck
AK MU on 2020-03-09
 Hart Kaminker is a great and professional law attorney who knows every bit of the work needed to be done.. I would definitely suggest anyone who’s looking an immigration matter in all GTA to contact him and you will have the best & more than satisfied result.
Jh Kim on 2020-02-21
 I got legal help from Ashley Fisch, and paralegal, Noemi Parades, almost for a year and I must say they've always been the best and the greatest people trying to help me in every possible way that others simply wouldn't even try. I could tell they were hard workers with passion to provide greatest legal service to people who are in desperate help, especially the LGBTQI minorities. They have literally saved my future, my career, my entire life from wrongful persecution that I would have gotten in my hometown if I didn't get help from Ashley to get refugee protection in Canada successfully. Thank you so much, I really, profoundly appreciate all your hard work. There's really no words enough to describe the gratitude.
Mehboob Opel on 2020-02-03
 I had the incredible pleasure of working with Zainab Jamal who is an exceptional lawyer and a good person. I am extremely satisfied with the amount of hard work she put into our case which led to a successful outcome. Me and my family are very thankful and I would definitely recommend this firm and Zainab to everyone, keep it up! Best wishes to all.

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