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Address: 12885 80 Ave #202, Surrey, BC V3W 0E6, Canada
Phone: (604) 572-8871
Website: http://www.kanglawyers.com/
J Miles on 2020-02-10
 Gogi is smart and experienced, we are pleased with the work done by the lawyer and legal team.
Sandy Lail on 2019-10-23
 Extremely happy with the service I was provided with. The staff is thorough and did a great job of explaining everything.
Mikhail Turgenev on 2019-10-06
 Great Staff. Love the office environment!
Harjaspreet Sandhu on 2019-07-24
 Mr. Kang was very helpful with my case. He explained the steps of law to me and my family. We explained our family finance difficulties and he was very open and reduced our payment. He is is not greedy and money focused. He cares about our case and problems. Very difficult deporitation case was won by Mr. Kang and my family is so greatfull.

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