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Address: 216 Ontario St, Kingston, ON K7L 2Z3, Canada
Phone: (613) 546-4291
Website: https://www.cityofkingston.ca/city-hall/about-city
Alex P on 2020-04-12
 The city of Kingston is an amazing place with some of the oldest infrastructures in Canada. Princesse Street is worth parking your car and walking/exploring the little local stores. Lots of young people. The City Hall looks amazing and well taken care of.
Sapphire Melody NightWind on 2020-04-28
 too many ppl tere for Us
pam kwai on 2019-04-22
 Nice building. The town is small but yet with historic buildings. If you like to see old buildings you will like here.
Mary-Beth McGinn on 2020-01-07
 Everyone likes to complain about Governments. I can't say anything bad about the city of Kingston. I have had nothing but positive experiences. I wrote the city suggesting they install a trash can in my local park-three days later there was a trash can. I inquired about my tax bill, I had an answer less than 2 hours later. I emailed the city about a bylaw issue, they responded within 4 hours. Even paying an unpleasant parking ticket is easy.
Ryan Prosper on 2019-01-04
 Downtown Kingston has a very historic feel with all the Victorian buildings. City Hall was originally built to be the House of Parliament for the United Provinces of Canada, the capital was moved to a more secure location, but the building was completed shortly after.

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