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Address: 71 Weber St E, Kitchener, ON N2H 1C6, Canada
Phone: (519) 578-1480
Benjamin Cassell on 2020-05-18
 Was very happy to work with Kosky Balmer while closing on our first home purchase. They were responsive, knowledgable, professional, and friendly! Overall, great service at a very reasonable price. I would happily work with them again!
Katelyn on 2020-02-28
 Everyone at the office was very helpful and quick to respond to my questions and get my necessary paperwork done on short notice. Would definitely use them for other services.
Daniel Randerson on 2019-09-22
 I found Mr. Balmer, during a conversation via phone, to have excellent diction, listening skills, and very informative. We only discussed hypothetical issues that are pertaining to “within the boundaries of ROE “, and feel that he was very competent in his responses, and even after a lengthy discourse, he even immediately called me back with results that added complete confidence that he indeed was the attorney his client would need.

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