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Reviews for Paul Krumeh, Barrister & Solicitor
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Address: 1275 Finch Ave W Suite 409, North York, ON M3J 0L5, Canada
Phone: (416) 667-0777
Website: http://www.krumehlawfirm.com/
RANDOLPH Mcneil on 2020-01-05
 Mr Krumeh represented me throughout my case in family court and I must say despite of his methods I was very satisfied with the outcome. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Lets play Games on 2020-01-03
 He was my lawyer for 6 years. Very supportive and professional, very friendly person is a very understanding more like talking to a friend than a lawyer. Most importantly he would always WIN!
Gregory EI on 2020-01-15
 A professional firm. We are always appreciative of your legal work on our behalf, both on the personal and business front Paul. Keep growing!
Diyar Oguz on 2020-01-03
 Very good lawyer, empathetic person, always does his most to help clients and an outstanding professional.
noble grps on 2020-01-08
 Represented one of clients with professionalism and ethics definitely would recommend to many more mortgage clients

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