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Address: 184 Chippewa Rd, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4H5, Canada
Phone: (780) 809-3545
Website: http://kurielaw.ca/
Sarah Hopgood on 2020-02-18
 Scott and his team are amazing! I highly recommend them!
Mj Jradi on 2020-02-14
 Excellent and professional lawyer whom demonstrates full knowledge of his clients situation and shows up to court prepared to provide you with the utmost benefit regarding your case. Thank you Scott!
chris Gates on 2019-11-12
 Scott kurie is one of the best lawyers by far he has never let me down
kamikazepunishment on 2018-10-23
 Top notch representation always operating with high moral fiber in all their actions. Being a non for profit it truly makes the world of difference to have such an amazing team of lawyers leading & supporting our teams initiate of empowering youth and teach them how to tackle any situation that they may face. Promoting the philosophy of integrity, courtesy, humility, and self-control is an asset to the youth of today, guiding their journey through to adulthood.

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