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Address: 605 Robson St #1190, Vancouver, BC V6B 5J3, Canada
Phone: (604) 669-8602
Website: http://bc-criminal-law.com/
alexa s w on 2018-10-17
 Mr. LaLiberte Cronin firm delivered to us nothing short of a miracle. Every case is complex and different but one thing is sure: Expect deep and vast knowledge of the law which only many many years of experience can achieve. You will need someone who has been in the field so long and knows complexities of the law in fine detail. Those known intricate details of the law can make your case. Experience matters in Court and having GREAT lawyers on your side will make you sleep when sleep is not coming easy. There is a vast difference between good lawyers and great lawyers , choose always the great as we did. Never regretted a day for this decision. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great result.
Valentina .R on 2018-12-26
 Absolutley amazing. Professional, on time and on your case with updates and everything. They were recommended by a close friend who has had every high profile lawyer there is and thinking of switching back. A few days before my trial, Kasandra calls me with the unbelievable new that she convinced crown counsel to drop the charges. Best Christmas gift of all. Thank you Kasandra and Terry for all the assistance! I highly recommend them!

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