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Address: 25 Erb St, Elmira, ON N3B 3A3, Canada
Phone: (519) 669-1671
Website: http://lanxess.ca/
Alex O'Hearn on 2018-08-13
 Stewards of the environment, go the extra mile for safety. Employees a ton of people. The staff at the security hut are always friendly and willing to help out anyway they can.
James Petroczi on 2018-02-13
 Visited this facility January 10th, 2018. Receptionist was kind and had a warm aurora to her energy. She was able to help me with my requests and point me in the right direction.
MR WHO CARES on 2020-03-03
 Made a delivery
Thomas Yi on 2019-07-15
Trevor Archdekin on 2017-11-08
 Environmentally friendly

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