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Address: Business Park, 625 Parsons Rd SW Office 209, Edmonton, AB T6X 0N9, Canada
Phone: (780) 801-0607
Website: https://lazaruklaw.com/
Mo Alsaleh on 2019-10-30
 Michael and his paralegal assistant Eva helped us through a sale of a house. We encountered some issues on the sale since my wife had to travel overseas during the sale, Eva and Michael helped us through that issue. They really took charge to get the situation resolved in our best of interest. Very happy with their work, and a fair price for doing so. Michael is an excellent lawyer, straight to the point and very knowledgable. Eva is amazing, we couldn't ask for a more dedicated woman.
Irena Petrovik on 2019-10-30
 Michale, I really appreciate your help and time. It was very easy to talk to you and get the info I need. In the past I have talked to lawyers that are very rude and make people feel stupid. You took the time to explain the answers you gave me and I'm very happy with your services. Thank you
Brenda Patton on 2019-11-19
 Michael and Eva are efficient, customer oriented and highly respectful . They are great at what they do.
robert mcmurray on 2020-02-14
 Bad parking

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