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Reviews for Leiter Rahme Attorneys Inc.
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Address: 4473 Rue Sainte-Catherine, Westmount, QC H3Z 1R6, Canada
Phone: (514) 395-2010
Website: http://immcanada.com/
Ishaan Sharma on 2020-05-16
 I contacted them when I was in need of advise regarding my PGWP refusal. The guidance received from Mr. Miguel Borges was very detailed and accurate. I found the overall experience very professional and considerate. Definitely recommended.
Ron R on 2019-10-04
 Nowadays getting a working visa for the U.S. is becoming increasingly difficult, even more so a P-3 Visa for artists. But the attorneys at Leiter Rahme were able to secure one for my daughter. After researching at great length her field of work -a field Leiter Rahme were unfamiliar with- before they built their case, they were able to submit a thoroughly ironclad, well documented application to the immigration office and two weeks later the P-3 Visa was granted. Extraordinary work on their part, in the true sense of the word.
IGA Overseas on 2020-01-22
 We are an Immigration Consultancy firm based in India.....Good to see all the comments... Can you also help our clients in Tourist Visa to PR or Tourist Visa to Work Visa or Asylum Application as an option. Please guide so that we may contact you for further process....Looking to hear from you soon.....
Lucien Hehn on 2019-10-26
 The care they put into assembling my application for citizenship prevented follow up requests for documents, which would have caused long delays. The knowledge they have in providing backing documentation (that isn’t necessarily asked for) with an application for residency or citizenship is what you need when submitting these applications. A small error in your supporting documents can cause very long delays. Do yourself a favor and secure Leiter Rahm to assemble and submit your application. Very nice staff and very responsive to your questions and concerns as well. They also handled one of my family members with the same excellent results.
Samina Baig on 2019-07-02
 A huge thanks to Barbara and her team for working so hard for us. They work diligently and attention to details is a big plus. One of my family friends introduced us to her and I am so glad we went to Barbara to ask for help. Thank you once again.

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