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Address: 10 King St E #1400, Toronto, ON M5C 1C3, Canada
Phone: (416) 364-2345
Website: http://www.levlaw.com/
Aziz . on 2019-07-29
 I highly recommend the Levine (team) for new immigrants. Experience knowledge with good and patient personality. ????????????????
Khalil Rahmani on 2016-09-05
 Our company hired Lev Abramovich to proceed with a collection action after months of frustrating negotiations with a client who refused to pay for electrical work on a commercial project. Lev proceeded to place a lien on the property and start an action against the non-paying client. At all times Lev kept us updated on our file and sought ways to resolve the dispute in the most efficient and economical manner. Lev ultimately managed to negotiate a settlement which was very close to our best case scenario at trial without having to go through prolonged and expensive litigation. We found Lev to be both personable and professional, always keeping our best interest in mind.
Reham Abuhassira on 2016-08-10
 Great, professional and superior service and staff...Prepares you well and perfectly lays out your case. They show you their dedication and hard work and expect the same from you. I highly recommend Levine Associates for any immigration issues.
Rose Cloete on 2015-12-08
 I had spent months trying to figure out what visa I needed and how I would go about obtaining the visa, we made countless phone calls and tried to sort it out and kept being sent around in circles. After getting in contact with Levine Associates the process began to move extremely quickly. They are extremely efficient and I would use them again in an instant. I would also highly recommend them.
Rushad Rakhimov on 2015-12-11
 I retained Shelley Levine to deal with complex RPD case. He provided prompt service, maintained regular communications with me and achieved a great result. He is very knowledgeable and a lawyer with extensive experience. I would highly recommend Mr. Levine to anyone seeking legal representation for their Immigration and Refugee cases.

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