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Address: 130 Adelaide St W suite 801, Toronto, ON M5H 3P5, Canada
Phone: (416) 594-3900
Website: https://www.levittllp.com/
Marcus p on 2020-03-26
 I would highly recommend Levitt LLP for any employment or labour law issues. Specifically, Rob Lilly - he is first-class. His knowledge of employment law, professionalism, efficiency, and sincerity is exemplary. The supporting staff at Levitt LLP were also excellent. I would give this firm the highest rating, for value for money and their willingness to accommodate.
Ko's Gifts on 2020-04-14
 During this very difficult Corona chapter in our lives, I have listened on many occasions to Howard Levitt on radio station CFRB with his insightful views on both the current and ever changing labor legislation. I sent Howard an e-mail and was very impressed with his quick and accurate response. Due to the nature of my potential case, I was offered a free consultation over the phone with of of his associates.who was able to answer my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Levitt LLP during this highly disruptive economic and labor environment. In other words, consult with the best and most knowledgeable firm in Canada!
Jorien Stephens on 2020-04-22
 Had a great talk with Tahir. I have never spoken with a lawyer before and for this to be my first experience was truly a pleasure! His explanations were very clear and showed a tremendous amount of sympathy. Overall a great first time experience!
Graham Smith on 2020-05-22
 I just wanted to say that I have listened to Howard Levitt for years on the radio, and he, as well as the rest of the members of his firm that I've had the pleasure of speaking with, have all been absolute professionals and extremely knowledgeable.I had a fantastic experience with Tahir Khorasanee when I brought my concerns to him regarding my employment issues during a very difficult time. He was quick to offer helpful advice and gave me a great run down of my options and worked with me from the start.I would highly recommend anyone in a similar position not to hesitate and reach out. There isn't anyone else I could honestly recommend more highly in this field.
Francene Harvey on 2020-04-29
 Very professional staff. I worked with Tahir and he has been absolutely fantastic! quick response times, thorough and genuine. I would certainly recommend Levitt to anyone looking for employment lawyers

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