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Address: 315 Eglinton Ave W 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M5N 1A1, Canada
Phone: (416) 777-2244
Website: https://levyzavet.com/
Reza Sanat on 2020-05-06
 I have been working with Levy Zavet firm for more than 3 years and Ruchir Shah was exemplary in his professionalism and phenomenal with his craft! I highly recommend the firm and most importantly working with Ruchir!
Doug C on 2020-04-21
 Levy Zavet did a great job helping me vet and purchase my new condo. Jeff helped me avoid various potential and real errors, curve balls and bear traps along the way, and in the midst of COVID-19, we even managed to sign and deliver various documents remotely! Thanks to the whole team, including Jeff, Ruchir and Harcharan.
O Bi on 2020-04-16
 Levy Zavet is my go to firm. I came to them without a referral, “off the street”, and after initial contact I immediately felt comfortable and have had pleasure of dealing with them ever since, it’s been several years now. Their location is central and convenient, whether you come by car or by the TTC. Their fees are at par with the market. Professional and courteous legal experts - yes they are, but beyond that, the people at this firm will treat you like people too. There is a sense of calm even in the middle of a storm, or a pandemic, that they will confer on you while taking care of your business behind the scene. In the end any company is only worth what their people can offer you beyond the bare minimum, and Levy Zavet has much to offer. Thanks, guys. Looking forward to many more years of working with you, Olla
Abe Zakhem on 2020-04-21
 Outstanding work by the Levy Zavet team(Jeff Levy, Sarah Smart, Shabnam Riazi, and Ruchir Shah) from occupancy until closing they have come through for me again and again consistently despite my less than ideal circumstances(they were substantial for me).What I admire about the team members that work at LevyZavet is that they are always accessible and genuinely care about your issues no matter how small,they will find the time to talk to you and will also find a way to come through for you until the very last minute.The way they closed my condominium despite being in a VERY serious bind with multiple major issues impeding it with time being very scarce was absolutely inspirational(I am still honestly amazed how they did it).Choosing LevyZavet to represent me has been without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
Hughie Goulthorpe on 2019-10-07
 We had a great experience working with this office. They were very responsive by phone, easy to schedule an appointment and the price was super reasonable. But what we appreciated the most that Jeff answered every question I had during our visit. Our case was not very straight forward as we had a trust that had been created years ago and we had to figure out what to keep and what to renew, the consult we got was very thorough and exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

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