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Address: 33119 S Fraser Way #106, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2B1, Canada
Phone: (604) 504-5411
Website: http://www.libertylawcorp.com/
Andy Flemings on 2020-03-25
 Appreciate for taking time during these difficult times. Stay blessed. Thank you.
Katrina LeBlanc on 2020-02-04
 I am so thankful for your help. You stood by me in my difficult times and provided me all the support to achieve the uphill task. Thank you and stay blessed.
Vikram Singh on 2019-12-03
 I highly recommend this firm. My experience working with them was great. We worked as a team to resolve the issue and was successful.
Kristy James on 2019-12-26
 I sought their assistance to deal with an urgent situation and they helped me even when it was too late for the day. The lawyer stayed with us for several hours and resolved the situation at the border and did not charge any excessive fee or overtime. Highly recommend this office.

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