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Address: 1 Carré Westmount Suite 350, Westmount, QC H3Z 2P9, Canada
Phone: (514) 846-0666
Website: http://www.liebmanlegal.com/
Grey Falcon on 2020-05-06
 Fast reply ! A lot of experiences ! What else you need !
Brave New World Cancer Fundraising on 2020-05-10
 Very good services fast and serious and honest.
Joelle Dernigoghossian on 2019-12-22
 Thank you for your service Irwin Liebman
David Sharafi on 2018-01-19
 Highly efficient and result oriented firm. Fees are reasonable and they are responsive to all requests. Proactive and highly recommended.
andre costa on 2018-03-23
 I engaged Mr. Liebman’s services recently regarding my termination without cause from my sales executive position in the asset management industry. I was impressed with his professionalism and negotiation skills and pleased with the final settlement. I would not hesitate to engage his services in the future. Andre DCF

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