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Address: 163 Hunter St W, Peterborough, ON K9H 2L1, Canada
Phone: (705) 743-3577
Website: http://www.lbghlaw.com/
Dan Kernya on 2019-09-02
 What does any smallish city need? Lawyers! If you're getting drunk across the street at 180 and you want to smash some guys face in, we'll now don't! That's right. Just take out a huge amount of money and get lawyers to handle it... Or... Or.... Smash him in the face. Either way you going to have to deal with a lawyer!
Jari Ollikainen on 2019-11-24
 The Lillico went completely Bazuked bye the Galloway
Bradley Stewart on 2018-11-25
 The firm handled our purchase and sale. We were very pleased with their service. They kept us informed throughout. Would recommend.

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