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Reviews for Notaire Montréal Notary Leopold Lincà|Testament|Mandat|Immobilier|Succession|Mariage
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Address: 9850 Avenue de Lorimier, Montréal, QC H2B 2H7, Canada
Phone: (438) 383-3116
Website: https://www.notairelinca.com/
Robert Hanks on 2020-04-08
 This is an authentic review and not bot generated (as reviewer Imene Ait has tried to claim). We needed certified copies of documents to sent to CRA quickly. Mr. Lincà responded very quickly to our email and accommodated us in 1 day. He had us in and out in short order. The fees were very reasonable. If I need notary services again, I will definitely use his services.
Diane Hakane on 2019-01-20
 I celebrated my marriage two months before, and Mr. Lincà was our wedding officiant; he drafts our marriage contract, too. The Courthouse (our first option) was to busy, and luckily, we find him – he was available for us. He’s also a mobile notary (he traveled to our ceremony hall and celebrated our wedding there). Good service, you can call him to have a nice deal.
Let's Discover on 2019-05-01
 He is very professional, and patient . I was running late and he waited for me. Which is very rare. I will definitely go back next time and I highly recommended . Thanks so much for your incredible service .
G B on 2019-08-25
 he did everything what he promised. i will definitely go back for jobs i have.

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