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Reviews for Linka Howe Peterson Law Offices
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Address: 300-533 Victoria Ave, Regina, SK S4N 0R2, Canada
Phone: (306) 352-9676
Website: http://www.linka.ca/
Melinda Wright on 2019-02-21
 Tarissa Peterson and Norma are amazing! We send many clients their way and we have never been disappointed. Our clients are always well informed through the entire process. Great communication and service! Thanks Ladies :)
Russell Kemp on 2018-11-23
 William Howe has been my lawyer since 1979. He has helped me greatly over the years. And I have referred several friends to William, and they are great full of the help from him. Highly recommended
Ray Kanani on 2019-01-20
 Bad Reviews you read here arent true. They are super busy lawyers who get bunch of inquiries a day. They arent call Center to answer people’s phone. We bought business and this firm helped us a lot. Mckenzi, Norma and other lady helped us a lot. They are very professional and good people. Will surely recommend to others.
D D on 2018-08-11
 They helped with my home purchase and I was very happy with the service; and the price was excellent. I would recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer for a real estate purchase.
Vipul Pandya on 2018-08-21
 One of the best Law firm with excellent staff and Helpful Lawyers with good nutral advise

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