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Address: 705 Kingston Road, Shopping Centre, Whites Rd N Unit 17, Pickering, ON L1V 6K3, Canada
Phone: (905) 831-5436
Website: https://www.lcbo.com/
Johnson Kanagaraj on 2018-07-31
 This place we visited is in Pickering town centre and is situated centrally with parking facility. The place is clean and neat with the products are arranged conveniently for the customers to choose with ease. They have the bottles / containers of different sizes holding the products. The staff are friendly and helpful to the customers.You can choose from a variety of products and they see to it that the customer is satisfied.
Michelle Grogan on 2020-03-20
 They're usually helpful and there's a good amount of cashiers, so you're not waiting long in the lines.
Everton kkg on 2019-06-16
 A very wide variety of beverages that can wet the pallet of any connoisseur or any casual drinker. The staff are friendly and quite knowledgeable on helping customers find what their liquor of choice.
John Pearson on 2020-01-25
 Good location as it has Per supplies..food and beer store around it. Good service inside LCBO too
James Cooney on 2019-09-18
 Extremely knowledgeable, polite courteous staff. Shelves always stocked up, if they have the product on site. Every time I've been in there staff always busy at cash or stocking and organizing products on shelves. No one standing around. Very clean and well maintained store

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