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Address: 200 Catherine St Suite 301, Ottawa, ON K2P 2K9, Canada
Phone: (613) 234-2500
Website: http://www.listerlawyers.com/
Michael Mackenzie on 2019-12-02
 I was very impressed with how hard everyone at Lister Beaupre worked on my file. They care about their clients and it shows in their attention to every detail. Many late nights and weekends were spent working in order to bring a successful end to my case. Andrew is a true leader. His experience and tenacity were key to our success. Couldn't have had a better team!
Michael Bhardwaj on 2019-09-11
 I worked with Andrew Lister and can confidently claim he is an incredibly reliable, accessible and thorough labour lawyer. He answers the phone when you call, cuts through legal jargon to explain what's really going on and takes care to make sure you get the results you're hoping for. Highly recommended.
Jasmine S-M on 2019-09-14
 Andrew and Hilary were very helpful with my case and very professional. It was a difficult time for me but at the end they made sure that I was treated fairly and happy with the result of my mediation. I would highly recommend this firm. Thanks Andrew and Hilary for your support and help.
Kelly Forbes on 2019-09-17
 Andrew Lister was my personal injury lawyer for a very complicated, multi- year case. It required a complicated litigation and involved many different parties. Andrew was professional and respectful throughout the entire case. He provided strong support and guidance to me until the case was successfully settled. I will always be grateful for the work Andrew and his firm did for me and I highly recommend his legal expertise.

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