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Address: 1 Presidents Choice Cir, Brampton, ON L6Y 5S5, Canada
Phone: (905) 459-2500
Website: http://loblaw.ca/
Salma Firdaous Dina on 2019-09-03
 Best place to work in Canada! Work life balance.. friendly environment.. lots of scope to be up-to-date in new softwares/ technologies related to work and to be skilled as professional.
Robert Wainwright on 2020-05-16
 When i went to the Fortinos at Quarry Edge to get my prescription filled the pharmacy took my experience to the next they already had it filled waiting for me to pick it up I didn't even called ahead 2 thumbs up thanks again
Yichuan Zhang on 2017-02-24
 It is huge, good corporate campus, it has outdoor basketball court and Hockey rink, very easy to access from highway

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