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Reviews for Franklin Lyons Criminal Defence
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Address: 67 Yonge St 2nd floor, Toronto, ON M5E 1J8, Canada
Phone: (416) 519-6670
Website: http://franklinlyons.ca/
Gaye N on 2020-04-23
 Mr Lyons with extremely professional and courteous. He walked us through the process and provided very helpful advice. I would recommend Mr Lyons and will work with him in the future.
Franklin Lyons Criminal Defence . on 2014-08-22
 A testimonial from a client, "Franklin Lyons saved my life! When I caught a charge, he gave me the best legal advise and in the end, I remained not guilty."
Jeff Yusufov on 2019-12-20
 This guy is awesome!! Has helped me time after time this year thank you! Highly recommend
J K on 2019-08-21
 Great lawyer and overall great guy. Really helpful and reliable. Got yourself in a tough situation? Franklins the guy you need
ally rocks on 2019-09-10
 Mr. Lyons is a hard-working lawyer says it the way it is and puts in a lot of effort it's been my lawyer for the last 10 years I have lots of wins I recommend him 100%

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