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Address: 2 Haymarket St, Hamilton, ON L8N 1G7, Canada
Phone: (905) 525-2341
Website: https://www.mackesysmye.com/
Jessica Purdy on 2018-10-31
 So impressed with Mackesy Smye and Ian Brisbin, my lawyer. He is the most professional and attentive lawyer who cares about his clients! Ian was accessible, always responding to our questions and concerns in a thorough and caring manner. He represented me amazingly well and I couldn’t be more pleased.
Darlene Whitworth on 2019-06-24
 Thank you so much for the advice from Leighton McFadden
Viren Patel on 2019-10-16
 Just visited for my driving License notary and when I said notary will be use for education purpose lady says you don't have to pay for this .. Again Thank you so much????
Marlon Santos on 2019-03-18
 Attorney Mckesy,is very comfortable to talk with

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