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Address: 4711 Yonge St 10th Floor, North York, ON M2N 5M4, Canada
Website: https://mahdileitelaw.ca/
Ayisha Issa on 2020-05-16
 I did a consultation With Natasha and 2 other lawyers from different firms today (Natasha was the 3ed one I spoke to). Of the 3, Natasha was the only one who seemed to really understand the sensitive nature of my situation and the type of ex partner I am dealing with (narcissistic traits). In under an hour I had a page of note and a CLEAR direction I had to move in with the steps I had to take. She was calm but confident and the solutions she presented were easy to understand and effective. She also told me what to wash out for and what to avoid with was exactly what I needed to be reminded of at the time. at the end of the consultation I had to ask if her services were available in other areas because I cant imagine lawyers like her are easy to find. in comparison to the other 2 lawyers her rate was VERY reasonable and she offered way more. I spoke to her at 1pm and by the end of the day, I had resolved many of the issues that had me paralyzed with anxiety simply by following her guidance. Natasha is ZERO nonsense. Highly recommended .
Lee Haviland on 2020-03-03
 Natacha is simply amazing. She is not only professional and kind, but she knows her stuff. Right away after meeting her, i knew that she was going to be different than my previous lawyer. I highly recommend Natacha to anyone needing a family law lawyer.
Amanda Fenech on 2020-01-15
 Natacha helped me when I was going through a divorce. She listened to everything that I had to say. She is very passionate about her job and it shows 100% when you meet her. I thank you Natacha for not backing down in the court room you are one tough lady. Thank you for all your hard work
SH S on 2020-01-08
 Poroshad is amazing, she is great and knowledgeable, very friendly and make time for her clients , they are many lawyers out there, they just looking to make more money. she knows exactly what is she doing , even she was on vacation once and I needed help and she followed up my case. Thank you .
F Moore on 2020-03-03
 Natacha Leite is my family law lawyer and she is simply the best. I have been in court with my ex for over 10 years. My ex continuously brings motion after motion against me. She is a narcissist. I have had several lawyers represent me. One even quit has she could not handle my ex’s behaviour. Natacha is simply the best lawyer I have ever had. She has known how to deal with my ex and her antics. Natacha is aggressive and does not back down. In court she is always prepared and does not let the other lawyer control the situation. I recommend Natacha to all my friends and family. If you want results go meet Natacha

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