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Address: 11 Nelson St, Brantford, ON N3T 2M6, Canada
Phone: (519) 753-4118
Website: http://davidmaltbylawoffice.com/
Kelsey Jardin on 2020-05-18
 Had a great experience working with Cassandra Bruni. She was very professional and made sure to keep me informed and answered all my questions. I could not have asked for a better lawyer to work with!
Katrina Hall on 2020-04-30
 My experience with David Maltby Law Office has been beyond satisfactory. Emily VanLooyen and her assistant Sharon have been professional, informative and timely in all aspects. They have been supportive and understanding in moments where I have been overwhelmed and anxious. I strongly recommend Emily for any of your family law matters.
Jesse Knight on 2020-03-06
 Was very nice. Always squeezed me in after hours and was very inexpensive. Will be using again!
Helen Zuidema on 2019-11-19
 Great team of lawyers.

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