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Address: 360 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0G8, Canada
Phone: (204) 480-5900
Website: https://www.hydro.mb.ca/
Fred Liu on 2019-06-17
 Customer service is good. It's a local energy company.
Pam Hussey on 2020-03-10
 First time there, I was there for change of banking for pre authorized payments. I loved the waterfall walls. Very clean and friendly people!
Shari Armstrong-Moreau on 2020-04-19
 I was told by my new landlord to call Hydro & to transfer in my name I did, however, I don't care to be in a suite that the precious tentants were in up until they were kicked out as I was arriving to view suite 7. My belongings are in # 3 and I am feeling like I am falling thru the cracks of the health & legal system. Someone has taken my birth rights & I am being mistaken for someone else.
C G on 2019-12-28
 Nice building. Friendly staff.
Jeff Gosman on 2019-10-13
 Unprecedented conditions and the crews are doing just a fabulous job restoring power as quickly as possible to the many customers affected. Our power went off at 7:30am and a crew showed up at 7PM and restored power to our building and the surrounding neighbourhood. Many Thanks!

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