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Address: 390 Boul Henri-Bourassa O #300, Montréal, QC H3L 3T5, Canada
Phone: (514) 849-2350
Mike Martino on 2019-01-17
 Anthony Martino is the best lawyer in town. He’s efficient, professional and gets the desired results.
Alex Mjr on 2019-01-17
 I got an amazing service from the lawyer Anthony Martino and I recommend him to everyone ! 5* from me
Anthony Martino on 2016-12-10
 Anthony Martino has been practising law for over 31 years. He is an excellent attorney and cares about his clients. Stella Bailakis' review is unwarranted, false and illegal.
julz perlz on 2016-12-23
 Patrick A Perluzzo, excellent lawyer highly recommend!

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