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Address: 43 Dickson St, Cambridge, ON N1R 5W1, Canada
Phone: (519) 621-2430
Website: https://www.matlowmiller.com/
Stephen Polloni on 2019-10-25
 We have dealt with Mr. Bernard Cummins as our counsel for several years and he has always treated us with the utmost respect, always being responsive and informative with his support.
Thomas Garrett on 2019-07-08
 Max Shiffman was amazing. He helped us with our home purchase, explained all of the paperwork we were signing, and made the entire process stress free. Thanks Max!
Kelly Greco on 2019-07-06
 Ben Jefferies was a pleasure to deal with! He is prompt, attentive and professional and has a genuine concern for his client. I highly recommend him and would use his services in the future!
Ed Sterling on 2018-11-18
 I’ve dealt with Vanessa Frey when it came down to tenants matters that needed to be resolved, I strongly recommend Vanessa Frey, she is very knowledgeable, professional and was able to resolve my issue extremely quickly without any issues. Vanessa Frey will go over the options in solving the issue and explains everything in great deal of detail, as well how she will go in achieveng the ultimate goal of having the issue resolved. She keeps lines of communications open and takes the case and resolves it without a doubt. In the future, without a doubt, I will go with Vanessa Frey with any tenancy related issues. Edgar S

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