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Address: 421 Danforth Ave Suite 100, Toronto, ON M4K 1P1, Canada
Phone: (416) 843-0082
Website: http://www.matronalaw.com/
Kiel Hassanali on 2019-12-13
 I can't say enough about Niki Kanavas. Diligent, responsive and understanding of my situation. I'm sure with most litigation cases there are a lot of emotions involved. Niki's advice was always measured and strategic and without her constant attention to the details of the case we would not have won our battle which, in my case, carried on for over 5 months. I am so pleased with the outcome I have no hesitation in recommending Niki to take up anyone's case and I have already recommended her to at least one other person in need of a great litigation lawyer. Thanks Niki.

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