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Reviews for McGuinty Law Offices Professional Corporation
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Address: 1192 Rockingham Ave, Ottawa, ON K1H 8A7, Canada
Phone: (613) 526-3858
Website: http://www.mcguintylaw.com/
Paul Southern on 2020-05-08
 We engaged McGuinty Law Offices to do our wills and Dylan McGuinty Jr. did the work. We were very pleased with Dylan’s work. He asked good questions to ascertain our particular needs. He explained what could and couldn’t be done under law. He recommended ways to address our concerns. Dylan took a hands-on approach to lead us through from beginning to end. And Dylan was very pleasant to work with. The staff at the firm were good to work with too, for bookings, call-backs, etc… We highly recommend McGuinty Law Offices for professionalism and service and making-it-easy.
Christel Kopp on 2020-05-16
 Dylan McGuinty Jr. recently drew up a will for me and I was greatly impressed. I noticed at the time the clarity of expression in his writing which effectively avoided the problems that had been caused, by the lack of these details, in the handling of my mother's will several years ago. (It had been drawn up by a lawyer from another firm not in Ottawa). It was only when i read through his draft that I realized how completely the problems had been anticipated and solved. I am extremely grateful to Mr McGuinty for his thoroughness and professionalism, and highly recommend his services.
Judy Sparling on 2020-02-07
 Rob and I were extremely pleased with the services provided by Samantha and Dylan McGuinty Jr. They were very thorough, friendly and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Lori Ierullo on 2019-11-26
 We recently completed our Wills with Dylan McGuinty Jr. Very professional and easy to talk to. Never felt rushed and guided us well through the process. Will use the office for other needs as well.
Erin Albright on 2020-01-25
 Friendly staff. Expert advice. Comfortable interactions. Very easy to deal with.

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