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Reviews for Davidson Fraese Family Lawyers Calgary
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Address: 605 5 Ave SW #2600, Calgary, AB T2P 3H5, Canada
Phone: (403) 460-1230
Website: https://www.davidsonfraese.ca/
Katie Brown on 2019-12-30
 I am ecstatic with the service Ryan Hamilton has provided! He has exceeded my expectations and has been an absolute pleasure to deal with for my family law matters. His response time was lighting speed and he accommodated my busy schedule, making it very easy to come to the office to review or sign documents. He was genuinely invested in ensuring I was treated fairly and was committed 100% to my case. I highly recommend his services and am so grateful that I chose him as my legal representation. Thank you Ryan for all your help!
Ryan d'Abadie on 2020-03-31
 Excellent experience with Brad Smith, he was always available when needed and was prompt to respond to any queries. Brad made the entire experience as painless as it could be and kept costs manageable. Would recommend Brad Smith to anyone.
cheryl schultz on 2020-03-11
 A very fast and simple calculator to use. Recommend it highly.
Roger L on 2019-07-25
 I had Curtis Kim as my Lawyer for my divorce. I got my separation agreement in place, but I am disappointed at the fee. Even after I provided him with a spreadsheet for property division, a draft document for the parenting arrangement etc from the beginning, I was still charged a lot more hours than expected. He also charged me for drafting and reviewing the dower release and land title transfer. Those two documents are standards documents and were not updated. It doesn't make sense to "review" them. I hope to have an answer regarding the extra fee. Update: I got a response from Curtis a few days later. He explained the charges to me and how the legal process worked. Some additional hours are also caused by the inexperience of the other party's lawyer. I am satisfied with Curtis's efforts and responses.

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