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Address: 140 Fullarton St #1800, London, ON N6A 5P2, Canada
Phone: (519) 672-5666
Website: http://mckenzielake.com/
m villeneuve on 2019-11-16
 Great lawyers who care.. Kevin Egan for starters
Cheryl Milani on 2017-11-20
 I worked with Sarah Low from this firm. She was amazing and calm during the whole process. She listened and asked good questions and gave sound advice. I found her to be always conscious of the investment and diligent in finding ways to mitigate time and expense. I respected her approach with the opposing counsel. She remains professional and above board on all her communications. I would, and have, referred Sarah if you have any employment matter whether a business or an individual.
Mista Jay on 2018-01-06
 Multi practice law firm with exceptional legal experts in all fields including estate planning, litigating, family law etc.
David Linde on 2017-05-03
 Amazing firm to deal with. Not the most welcoming/friendly receptionist though...

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