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Address: 22470 Dewdney Trunk Rd #650, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 5Z6, Canada
Phone: (604) 477-1077
Website: http://www.meadowridgelaw.com/
Brian Anderson on 2020-04-30
 Had a chance to work with Meadowridge Law, what a great experience, very professional and friendly
Ronda Payne on 2019-06-15
 Really appreciated the time, effort and energy of this team. They made our mortgage transfer much easier and even caught an error the lender made! Will definitely use them again.
Chad Ostapovich on 2019-04-29
 Was comfortable the minute I walked in the door. Meadowridge has helped me through a couple different challenges arriving in a very positive place for me and my family. Strongly recommend their services in all fields.
K. C on 2019-06-11
 With so many choices out there, Rhonda Murray is a keeper. Took the stress right out of what I had to do. She was quick and easy to work with. Definitely recommend her.
Joe Fiss on 2019-06-07
 Very professional very quick super sweet just all round absolute pleasure to work with.???? Thank u so much Rhonda murray for every thing u helped us with????

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