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Address: Ground, 127 King St, London, ON N6A 1C3, Canada
Phone: (519) 438-0808
Website: http://mendeslawfirm.ca/
Kyle Monteilh on 2019-07-11
 Maria is an excellent lawyer! She is knowledgeable, and honest about the facts of any case. She speaks frankly when necessary to help clients understand their situation. Maria is able to beat a case before it even begins! She instills confidence in her clients through her hard work, and high level of professional experience. It’s rare to find a lawyer with so much practical experience. Maria is also more than fare with her fees, and never overcharges. If you need legal assistance she should be your first call!
Tina Gray on 2019-02-08
 Mendes team took care of our needs. Thank you ????
Daniela Schmidt London Ontario on 2017-12-13
 Maria does all of my family's legal needs. She took good care of everyone's wills and Estates as well as real estate.

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