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Address: 163 Suffolk St W Suite 2C, Guelph, ON N1H 2J7, Canada
Phone: (519) 800-8846
Website: http://www.mfclawyers.com/
Paul Edwards on 2020-02-11
 I am a father seeking custody/access to my infant child in what has turned out to be a high conflict case. Unfortunately, I received disappointing service from the lawyer I had originally retained and felt forced to make a change. While I was initially hesitant, as I was scared of being in a similar situation with a new lawyer, words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found Erika. I cannot say enough positive things about Erika. To begin, Erika’s knowledge of the law is incredible and made me feel extremely comfortable from the outset. She has always given me honest and reasonable advice based on the most likely outcome and not what she might think I want to hear. Erika has gone above and beyond to meet urgent deadlines and her work product has always been exceptional. She has listened to me throughout the process, been responsive and, overall, Erika and her entire staff have been a pillar of support in what has been the most emotionally challenging experience of my life. Erika has exceeded my expectations in all respects. I will continue to recommend her whenever I have the opportunity to do so.
Ramblin Doug on 2020-02-20
 I have no idea why I was here. if it's a criminal defense lawyer then I didn't go to jail and I'd rate them highly.
David Chateauvert on 2019-10-25
 MFC Law handled my recent complex stressful divorce. The team made me feel valued and were able to make me understand the process and outcomes. We were successful in all situations that I thought were important to me. Thanks Erika and Meghan/Kylee.

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