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Address: 1391 101 St, North Battleford, SK S9A 0Z9, Canada
Phone: (306) 445-4436
Website: https://www.migneaultlawoffice.ca/
Debbie Hnatyshyn on 2020-03-05
 They were extremely helpful, professional and understanding and kind. They inquired upon request and got back to me as they promised. They were very informative.
Rodger Armstrong on 2020-03-18
 Due to a change in court procedure. I used this group to swear some documents they were very kind and polite
Migneault Law on 2020-02-20
 Our single-star reviewer (chris mcgraw) was never a client. We told him over the telephone that we were not able to represent him and then he attended our office where we told him again.
Jamie on 2019-09-19
 Professional, well educated and affordable

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