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Address: 77 Mary St, Barrie, ON L4N 1T2, Canada
Phone: (705) 734-1181
Website: http://www.millerpickard.ca/
Shannon Desjardins on 2019-08-13
 Mike Miller was very professional, diligent and also compassionate with dealing with my case and understanding my situation. This was the first time I had needed to deal with anything of this nature. He was very patient and kind to me when explaining the severity of the situation and solutions for me to receive the best results. The lady in the office Linda was also very helpful. Could not be more happy with outcome and level of service received by this firm.
Samantha Mclinden on 2019-09-26
 Gary is a well experienced criminal lawyer I was very please with a services over the last 10 years he's very informative and knowledgeable and caring I would recommend
Edward Chadderton on 2020-01-30
 Great Criminal Counsel.. Period.

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