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Address: Kingfisher House, Peel Ave, Durkar, Wakefield WF2 7UA, UK
Phone: 0345 600 6980
Website: http://www.minsterlaw.co.uk/
Gareth Clegg on 2020-05-22
 My experience with Minster Law has been excellent. It was a painless and straight forward process administered by a single point of contact, Leah Williams. Leah kept me informed as to the progress with my claim all the way through, as the other party disputed the facts of the case. This was handled professionally at all times with a minimum of fuss.Thanks for the great experience in a trying time.
linda jackson on 2020-05-26
 Good Morning Excellent service,very professional and responsive. Although my claim is ongoing I found the member of your team Jimmy Jagger,who I’ve been dealing with to be very helpful and thorough with my questions. Yours faithfully John Jackson
stephanie Airey on 2020-05-05
 Jimmy jagger has been amazing all through my case. He's dealt with it professionally and have explained things in simple terms if I didn't understand some information. He's always kept me up to date with everything and have always been a call away if I needed anything. 5 star top service!

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