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Address: Energy Square, 10109 106 St, Edmonton, AB T5J 3L7, Canada
Phone: (877) 422-8337
Website: https://www.edmontondefencelawyers.com/
Maninder Bhatti on 2019-11-11
 Best in town very friendly staff karan is best in firm I recommend karan if anybody in trouble..
ENYAWSMADA on 2019-05-23
 Hello I totally recommend this firm as a representative in your proceedings. David Wosley is a great lawyer, who got more than i expected in one of my proceedings. Thank you David, my wife and family are always grateful for what you did for me, for them. Sincerely Wayne A.
Amy-Rae Goodman on 2019-05-23
 Great firm! Paul Moreau is an amazing lawyer - and someone I would highly recommend to anyone whose looking for the best.

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