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Address: 724-240 Graham Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0J7, Canada
Phone: (204) 942-0501
Website: http://www.myersfirm.com/
Darlene Yuskow on 2020-02-13
 I was very happy with my lawyer Justin Kusyk. Very knowledgeable and always replied back within a hour. Totally would recommend him for family law.
Richard Rosin on 2020-03-01
 I've worked with Andrew Torbiak for my mom's Estate and his advice was clear, keeping everything moving in a positive direction. His work with in the senior's community through Age and Opportunity is commendable.
weston chirep on 2020-03-07
 Great place for a lawyer.
Les Dan on 2019-08-30
 Lawyers there are smart, get things done and treat you very fairly.

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