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Address: 405-700 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z6, Canada
Phone: (416) 892-2509
Website: http://www.nashid.ca/
Nabila Nashid on 2019-07-17
 Daniel nashid is a professional Lawyer he always have your back . He gave me a great advise in my buisness . And paid off . He also help to repair my credit after a very destructive divorce . I highly recommend him for buisness law issues . He spend time with you . He listens to your issues and he take great steps and simple solutions and remedies He is also affordable and flexiable Stellar service Nabila nashid Dentist
Chirag Dave on 2016-09-25
 I have been a client of Daniel's for a number of years and I am thoroughly satisfied with his work. His background in Mechanical Engineering works harmoniously with his Law practice and has served me well in intellectual property matters, corporate law, and strategic planning. Even as his practice grows in size, he continues to maintain an excellent standard of practice and attention to detail.
Marvin F on 2016-09-20
 Great experience having Daniel incorporate my company for me. He was very thorough and helpful along the way to ensure I didn't have any questions. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking to start a business.
Bardya Firoozyan on 2016-09-17
 Very professional and organized. I will be using him as my lawyer for a very long time. Highly recommended.
Mohammed Abuabdou on 2017-10-10
 Thank you very much for your great work

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