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Address: 8 Church St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3B3, Canada
Phone: (905) 682-6635
josh smith on 2020-02-24
 Spoke with a woman on the phone, super polite and friendly,funny. Took care of my questions and set me up with an appointment. This is how service should be.
Stephen Trosterud on 2020-01-07
 Called during business hours, receptionist was very friendly and polite. She helped me promptly, I did not experience long hold times.
Val Bov on 2020-02-21
 Thank-you for helping me very last minute. They really are there for those without deep pockets .
B Baltzer on 2019-12-12
 Very helpful assistance. Met with Ms. Grewal. Ms. Grewal went over my documents and explained my options and possible outcomes in my matter in a way I understood. Also, the receptionist was very nice and accommodating.
William Coull on 2019-12-13
 Free service's real lawyers helping regular people in need and a great way to keep your rights in view.

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