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Address: Nova Scotia Archives, 6016 University Ave, Halifax, NS B3H 1W4, Canada
Phone: (902) 424-6060
Website: https://archives.novascotia.ca/
Richard Pearce on 2020-02-29
 They had a good art exhibit
John Corbett on 2016-11-19
 Full of fascinating artifacts & historic public information
Mary MacDonald on 2019-06-09
 As a member of the NSAS we were given a 'behind the scenes' tour of the facility. Its amazing to see the amount of historical data and items catalogued there. Thank heavens we have a place like this!
Judith Cabrita on 2019-11-19
 Tremendous resources es
Aaron Kyte on 2018-12-21
 Great resource. Staff are so friendly and helpful.

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