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Address: 80 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2V1, Canada
Phone: (416) 365-7878
Website: https://oconnorrichardson.com/
frank D on 2020-04-22
 I had the good fortune to find Sarah at a time when I really had lost hope in most lawyers let alone our legal system.. Sarah took on my case and very quickly, efficiently and cost effectively began the process of dealing with it. She is professional, knowledgeable, fair and genuinely sincere and is my lawyer moving forward as a business owner. I cannot recommend her highly enough... you will not be disappointed.
Kellee on 2020-04-23
 Sarah O'Connor is a great lawyer. Thanks to her my legal issue was successfully concluded. She provided the pros and cons on pursuing different routes, answered all of my questions thoroughly and quickly, and understood the complex issues and challenges that were unique to my situation. I highly recommend her services.
Mihai Cotop on 2020-03-19
 I just want to take a few minutes and thank Sarah O’Connor and Andrei Dobrogeanu for helping me resolving my issue. I really appreciate their professionalism as well as their strategies applied! I recommend their services with warmth!
Samar Abdourahman on 2019-10-03
 After spending thousands on inefficient and dependent legal reps, I am so happy to have found Amanda Miller-Fleming, Associate Lawyer, at O'Connor Richardson. I am so impressed with her client service, communication skills, knowledge and application of administrative requirements, and her ability to disclose just enough information to clients so they can make a decision without feeling overwhelmed.I appreciated the efforts Amanda made to mitigate costs and her clear intention to put my needs and wants as her client first. I am so relieved - Amanda solved my legal issue without the back and forth.I will recommend Amanda, and the firm to anyone who wants an expert to handle this case and who wants to be treated like a first class client. If you need legal services, I would recommend this firm in a heartbeat.
S Jones on 2019-04-12
 Working with Sarah was an absolute gift. She is the very embodiment of empathy, kindness and humanity. She has an uncanny way of communicating with her clients in a manner that eases the angst of the legal process (which can be quite daunting at times). Sarah is an absolute gift for the very fact that she treats her clients with such kindness and respect. She is present, attentive and she listens. Thank you so much Sarah!

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