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Address: 88 James St, Parry Sound, ON P2A 1T9, Canada
Phone: (705) 746-8852
Website: http://oldhamlaw.ca/
Richard Mehedan on 2020-01-14
 Met with Joyce Faria to create a will. She is very professional, thorough and caring. Stopped repeatedly to ensure that I understood all the legal ramifications of the will I was trying to create. Highly recommended.
Lynda Reynolds-Geiler on 2019-06-20
 Staff was friendly and efficient and they handled our real estate matter in a proffesional manner.
Laura Kerr on 2018-09-14
 Excellent staff. Always willing to help. Great service
Nicole Saulnier on 2018-02-05
 I have worked on many occasions with Oldham Law Firm. They have always been competent and reliable. Would recommend their services.
matt ryan on 2018-01-24
 Very professional and prompt service, I have used Oldham Law for real estate transactions and contract law and would highly recommend them.

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