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Address: 555 W Hastings St U1, Vancouver, BC V6B 4N6, Canada
Phone: (604) 678-5889
Website: http://opusartsupplies.com/
Talia Bustamante on 2020-03-16
 Today I went to Opus for the first time and NICK helped me out with my supply list for school, he was amazing! He was very nice and patient (since I wasn't familiar with most of the stuff on the list) He also recommended the best deals price/quality and he always kept in mind my student budget. I had a GREAT Experience!!!
JoWayne McFarlane on 2020-01-28
 Opus has both essential and efficient art supplies and materials at sweet prices. As a student, you could get a 15% discount on the items you purchase. Be sure to sign-up and ensure you have either a list of your courses (showing your school app containing a list of courses is acceptable) or perhaps an I.D to receive your discount card. Staff is friendly and available to help you find anything you need or make recommendations if you're uncertain.Following Pictures: 1. $5.00CAD- Two Paperback Sketchbooks (8.5 x 11)2. $2.00CAD- One Peel-away (oil-based) Phano China marker (Conté) for sketching/life drawing.3. Contact and membership information for Opus in Downtown Vancouver.Hope you found this info helpful! ????????
Sreehari Panthalath on 2019-11-19
 Great experience. Nice and pleasant atmosphere. The staff is reliable and is very warm and welcoming. They have almost everything I look for in an art store ranging from cheap to very high end art supplies. I enjoy going there every once in a while most probably not thinking of buying anything but have never came out of the store empty handed. The staff have helped me find the perfect set of art supplies for me countless times and it has helped me try out new things and experiment with new mediums. I Would hundred percent recommend checking it out if you're looking for art supplies or even if you just enjoy artsy things.
Beana King13 on 2020-01-27
 Great place to get basic art supplies for a realitively reasonable price. Most staff are knowledgeable, but still recommend incorrect products, more knowledge can be gained for better accuracy. Love this store, nice atmosphere, staff are willing to help as best they can and a good, relaxed shopping experience awaits you just around the corner as you enter the world of art and creativity.
Kindle on 2019-11-02
 New location is modern and suitable. There is a wonderful selection of art supplies. Bring your own bag. You will buy something . I enjoy walking up and down every aisle. Staff are helpful and happy to talk to you about art supplies!

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