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Address: 1000 Airport Parkway Private #2500, Ottawa, ON K1V 9B4, Canada
Phone: (613) 248-2000
Website: https://yow.ca/en/contact-us
JJ Gagne on 2020-02-05
 Ottawa IA call-sign YOW is cookie cutter design used across all major Canadian airports. Ease of access, lots of parking, shops and eateries on most levels. Services are bilingual. Other translation services available on a limited basis and by request. You can store your winter gear and leave it there while you travel out of country for short duration. One week for two people cost 30 dollars. For CAA card holders and VISA Infinite Privilege cardholders there are rebates on parking. Bring your cards.
Becca K on 2019-07-26
 Small airport for such a big area. Always quick through security and plenty of seating in the gate areas.
Manuel Olondriz on 2020-02-11
 I love how the areas are arranged. All walking distance. Free internet! Needs more variety though when it comes to food shops.
T.W. Stalmes on 2020-01-06
 I love flying out of this airport. It's generally effortless to get cleared thru security, grab a coffee,a d hope onto your flight. Good variety of shops too.
B S on 2019-10-01
 Small, well maintained, well organized airport. Expensive parking but you will save 20% if you have an active CAA membership. Don't you dare break the "Only for drop off" rule!! Every airport is serious about that.

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